About Us

At Travel 2 Peru, we don't simply plan trips; we design memorable experiences that capture the vibrant and joyful essence of Peru. Our agency prides itself on providing exceptional travel services, highlighting the beauty, culture and diversity of this wonderful country.aís

That drives us:

1. Tailor Made Experiences

Every trip with Travel 2 Peru is unique, created with attention to detail and tailored to your preferences. From majestic Inca ruins to vibrant coastal cities, we design itineraries that reflect your desires and immerse you in the authentic Peruvian experience.

2. Superior Quality Services

We are committed to providing top-notch services at every stage of your trip. From selecting cozy accommodations to organizing exciting activities, we ensure that every moment is special and carefree.

3. Expert Guiding

Our team of guides is composed of local experts passionate about sharing the knowledge and cultural richness of Peru. They will accompany you on your trip, providing valuable information and guaranteeing a complete immersion in each destination.

4. Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

At Travel 2 Peru, we believe in traveling in a way that benefits local communities and respects the environment. We strive to promote sustainable tourism practices, contributing to the economic development and cultural preservation of the regions we explore.

5. Innovation and Adaptability

The world of travel is constantly evolving, and we evolve with it. We are committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and offering innovative solutions that make your travel experience even more exciting and convenient.

 Mission Statement

At Travel 2 Peru, we strive to create exceptional travel experiences that reflect the youthful and joyful spirit that characterizes our agency. We are passionately dedicated to highlighting the vibrant beauty, rich culture and diverse landscapes that Peru has to offer. Our goal is to design customized itineraries, provide top-quality service and offer expert guidance to ensure that our clients build unforgettable memories during their journey.

Driven by our deep passion for travel, we actively advocate sustainable tourism practices, thus contributing to the economic development of local communities. At Travel 2 Peru, we not only offer travel, but we also share our commitment to environmental preservation and cultural enrichment. Join us in creating unforgettable moments as we explore the wonders of Peru together!

 Our Vision

In a five-year horizon, we project ourselves as the leading agency of choice for travelers in search of authentic and immersive experiences in Peru. Our main goal is to constantly innovate and adjust to the dynamic scenario of the travel industry, exceeding not only expectations, but exceeding the needs of our clients. 

We seek to be recognized for our unwavering dedication to excellence, professionalism and responsible tourism, generating a positive and lasting impact on both our clients and the destinations where we operate. As we look to the future, we reaffirm our commitment to deliver unforgettable experiences while maintaining ethical and sustainable practices at the core of our vision.


At Travel 2 Peru, we don't just take you to amazing places, we invite you to experience them. Discover the authenticity, joy and beauty of Peru with us - welcome to an extraordinary journey!

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

By prioritizing the dynamic desires of our young clientele, we go out of our way to ensure their satisfaction. We believe in building lasting relationships based on trust, transparency and personalized service.


We maintain the highest standards of honesty, ethics and professionalism, delivering on our promises and maintaining the utmost integrity in all interactions.


Committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint and preserve Peru's cultural heritage. We work closely with local communities and suppliers to ensure that our operations have a positive social and economic impact.


We embrace innovation and leverage technology to enhance the travel experience of our technology-minded customers. Staying at the forefront of industry advancements, we provide efficient and convenient solutions that simplify the travel planning process.

Team Spirit

We foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment, where we value teamwork and mutual respect. Our team of passionate travel experts collaborate seamlessly to create joyful and memorable experiences for our clients.